Extend your stay in Australia with G8M8

Extend your stay in Australia with G8M8

G8M8 Great Mate is an Australian education agency with experience in recruiting international students of all nationalities and helping them to achieve their goals in Australia for over 24 years. 

We are working hard during this pandemic crisis to help all our clients as well as our new potential clients in their current situation as much as possible and finding for them the best solution. 

  1. Are you on a student visa, Working holiday visa or tourist visa in Australia? 

  2. Is your visa finishing or has already finished

  3. Are you not sure about your current situation, are you missing relevant information and need some advice on what to do? 

  4. Would you like to extend your stay in Australia and study interesting course as well as have working permission?

If you answered YES on the above questions, then we are the right agency for you!

We offer our services and consultations 100% online! Contact us via mail or phone and we will be in touch with you within the next 24 HOURS

Our contact information:
Andrea Reimers
Office Manager / Qualified education agent

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